Tuesday, January 10

I messed up

Last week, I got a message on OkC from a guy who complimented my music tastes. I dub him Music Hipster because he looks Hipster'ish and is a bit of a music snob. Anyway, I replied to his message, we discovered we both liked playing Words with Friends, so he challenged me a game, and we sort of got to know each other via the chat feature on there. Then, we exchanged phone numbers and texted, too.

We finally went on our date last night and it could have gone really, really well but I totally messed up. I was rough around the edges and quite abrasive. (I cursed too much and some of the stories I told were probably inappropriate and I couldn’t seem to stop calling him Dude.) Every blue moon, I’m like this on a date if I peg someone a certain way and I think they can handle it. (Basically, if I feel too familiar too soon.) Anyway, about ¾ into our date, it dawned on me he was actually quite wholesom and sweet and therefore was NOT that way and was NOT able to handle it (i.e., didn’t like it/was turned off by it) but I didn’t know how to undo the damage I had done so it sort of continued but to a lesser degree.  Anyway, too bad. He’s really cute, very cool and mellow, and incredibly, incredibly sweet. We met at a saloon dive bar, and played Scrabble (I won), we played Sports Trivial Pursuit (I won), and we played 2 hands of Rummy (I won), so it was a really fun, atypical date. He paid for everything, even though I insisted on getting half. He walked me to my car and gave me a really warm hug and spoke or getting together again, but I'm doubtful he'll follow through.

Thankfully, I have a great date lined up tonight with Latin Lawyer (who is far, far ahead of the pack) so I’ll wallow about Music Hipster later. I suggested meeting at the bar where we plan to play trivia (God, I have a soft spot for nerds) but he countered with an offer to pick me up. I have the rest of the morning and all of this afternoon and part of the evening till he pulls up in my driveway to decide if I'll invite him in at the end of the night or not. Decisions, decisions.